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Into the darkness...
I gazed into the eyes of the man I irrevocably loved. Despite the dark eyes that surrounded us, all that existed was him. It was as if the past, the present, and future no longer existed, only the warmth of his hand gently holding mine. And death was only seconds away…
“I love you” he whispered.
“My heart belongs to you.”  I responded.
He smiled warmly and pulled me into his arms.  This was my heaven, this was my bliss. Every time he touched me I still felt a rush of emotions. I had nothing left to ask of this world. When you are given something so tender and so sweet, you do not dare ask for anything more, afraid that the universe may snatch away your loved one into the dark abyss that is death. I was only happy that I was right behind him, I would only have to survive a fraction of a second without him or I may possibly be killed first. No sadness and no regret touched my heart, only love. I knew for sure that nothing could tear us apart,
:iconbasking-in-twilight:basking-in-Twilight 3 18
Motion catches your eye and you smile a little at the new screename and icon that appear in the window. He always changes his icon, to fit the times, his bands, or even that stupid little webcomic he and May wait for every Wednesday and Saturday.
You drop your smile and you wait.
It's been five minutes since that icon appeared and nothing new has come up on your screen. You've done a total of two and a half out of your twenty-six AP Statistics problems, and you're kind of feeling a little pathetic.
Your hand twitches to claim the mouse and double-click the icon, but you don't dare. You don't do anything for anybody. People do things for you.
But what's the point of doing anything if you can't even do it for yourself?, you muse.
You scowl and tell yourself to shut up, and then think that maybe you really were losing your mind like in that one story of that kid who was too smart.
You dismiss the thought. Doubt is for the unaccomplished.
It's been three mi
:iconwyvern-elavie:Wyvern-Elavie 6 3
i always said i'd trust you
from now til 'ternity
through everything we ever done
you always needed me
my life revolved around you
through happy and the sad
just looking to the future
the dreams we never had
i see you now so lonely
so cold and on the ground
we always were so happy
you looked a million pound
our friends we seemed to lose them
with God they went to stay
and now through all the pain
we miss them every day
i don't know why he took them
i guess we never will
the only thing that i'm sure of
is that i'll never tell
the pearly gates are calling
the golden arches shine
i feel i need to leave this world
to know that she'll be mine
the good times are all gone now
the bad they come and go
but no matter what life throws at me
theres one i'll always know
i know i'll always trust you
from now til 'ternity
through everything we'll ever do
you always will have me
:iconkamikaze-firehelmet:Kamikaze-Firehelmet 1 0
i love you...
long brown
makes your face look young
wide white
make your eyes look happy
large blue
make my heart feel glad
to see you there
makes me smile
to see your face
its worth my while
to have the day
we meet again
we'll do it all
from now til then
through wind and hail
through snow and rain
i'll brave it all
the fire and pain
no matter what
no matter when
no matter where
we meet again
i'll wait for you
until the day
you come along
and then you say...
:iconkamikaze-firehelmet:Kamikaze-Firehelmet 1 0
How do I tell her
How can I know
If she's not with me
Will the warm breeze still blow?
Will the sun still rise up?
Will the world ever know?
That smile on her face
Is all that I know
:iconkamikaze-firehelmet:Kamikaze-Firehelmet 1 0
My First Kiss
The moment was awkward and all was still
One moment we were laughing and then silence prevailed.
Our eyes met but I grew afraid—
Quickly I blushed and looked the other way.
But he just smiled at me and took my hand—
Sometimes I just hate it when he always understands.
And even more when he tucks my hair behind my ear.
He looks at me like that and logic just disappears…
I get weak in the knees, my hands start to shake
Has anyone ever compared love to an earthquake?
If not, I would have to say that’s how it makes me feel
I have to sit down or I cannot deal
And he just laughs at me as he sets me down
Safely, I sit upon the ground…
But he’s still looking at me strange…
Is my secret out? Does he feel the same way?
But what if he doesn’t, I thought too much?
And there’s no secret meaning behind his touch?
I hate it when I do that
It’s the reason why I never did well at math…
Maybe if I say something—what is this?
He just touched my
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 1,575 676
a kiss by gir1OVEwarrior a kiss :icongir1ovewarrior:gir1OVEwarrior 148 25 Kiss in Colour by Lupis-Fox Kiss in Colour :iconlupis-fox:Lupis-Fox 768 169 kiss of love by milen07 kiss of love :iconmilen07:milen07 632 57 vampire. by faneetasia vampire. :iconfaneetasia:faneetasia 3,418 573 Vampire. by Nichtenkind
Mature content
Vampire. :iconnichtenkind:Nichtenkind 688 290



Alright people..
...those of you who read my journals...

I don't know how many of you are aware, but when I first joined DA, I was VERY against sexuality. I have grown up. Sex is great, and nice, and I am almost as happy and open about it as Bonobos. In lieu of that, I am going to link you to my NSFW tumblr page. As in. my tumblr blog full of pictures which make me personally horny. It is the smallest of my newest projects, and tends to get my attention only in the rather short time between when I'm interested in looking at pretty pictures, and when im too horny to concentrate on updating my blog, or adding more tags, and have to do something about the new, self inflicted "problem".

Now that i have given you TMI,
the "the pressure below" refering of course to the pressure that the whole body, brain included is put under by the groinal regions while horny. just "the pressure below" sounds much nicer than "horny".


one of the main reasons for me being okay with my sexuality is because i've gone spiritual. Or Esoteric. or enlightened. or started my training to become a Jedi knight. Whatever you want to call it, be aware that i am NOT religious, though I have the capacity to understand those who are.

currently working on a line of clothing that i intend to wear in every day life. I want to wear clothing I cant afford to have custom made. The clothing is hopefully going to represent my progress towards who I want to be.

with Love,
  • Watching: Buffy


Catherine Matthew Johanna Kemis
Artist | Student | Varied
Think of the mushroom like explosion of an atomic bomb. Imagine, instead of ash, dust, shrapnel, and all the other rubbish flying at you through the air in a huge wave of power. Imagine every piece of flying material, on closer inspection, turns out not to be rubbish after all, but words, thoughts and emotions.
Rewind the image: Let the explosion shoot back, get smaller, follow it to the horizon where it started, and you will see all those words, feelings and emotions shooting back into the top of a adolescents skull.
Now imagine that adolescent looks absolutely mental: skirt over skinny jeans, unfitting hairstyle, trenchcoat billowing around her...

...yeah: that is me =)




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